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Fast Transaction

Fast transactions can be completed without requiring both parties to be online at the same time.

Ecosystem & Mining

Token rewards and other incentives have been carefully designed in order to achieve a balance between different market forces.

DAG Structure

SmartX runs on a distributed ledger which uses directed acyclic graph technology as its core data structure.

Dynamic Capacity Expansion

SmartX is capable of producing blocks independently and is highly scalable. It has the potential to be used as a dynamic expansion scheme for chain-structured blockchains.

High Performance TPS

High performance and throughput is achieved by integrated next-generation DLT and DAG technology. BlockDAG will be a major advancement on current transactional limitations.

Encrypted Communication

Encrypted data can be transmitted after creating a key between nodes

B-DAG Algorithm

SmartX has its own proprietary, innovative DAG structural algorithm, called B-DAG algorithm

Mixed Consensus

Select winning block in PoW tier, and accelerate confirmation of transactions in PoS tier

Penalty Mechanism

Add a blacklist mechanism with penalty blocks and penalty transactions

Dynamic Hash Algorithm

Use script languages such as Lua, SmartJS, to develop Hash functions which can achieve dynamic PoW

  • Decentralized
  • Supports PoW Mining
  • Performance Expansion
  • Balance Account Model
  • Winning Block
  • Independent Partition
  • Transaction Blocks Integration
  • Each Transaction TX is a Block
  • Double Spending Elimination
  • Sybil Attack Resistance
  • Strong Consistency
  • Dynamic Multi-Node
  • Block Reward
  • Pledge Mining
  • Time Stamp
  • Node Signature
  • State Machine Processing
  • Referential Relationship
  • Forward Reference
  • Most Heavily Weighted Chain
  • Merkle Hash
  • Encrypted Social Platform
  • Private Communications
  • In-Game Payment
  • Vouchers & Red Packets
  • Asset Mapping Token
  • Anti-counterfeiting Traceability
  • Electronic Invoice

Test Network Latest Progress


SmartX Latest Project Progress Report 2019.11.12 View Report

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We will update out GitHub regularly in order to share technical content with the community. Check it out to gain an in-depth understanding of what were working on at SmartX.

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