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SmartX October Progress Report

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Technical Progress

  1. Core technology development
    1. Coding of Block structure’s core functions was completed
    2. Completed Block serialization and deserialization.
    3. Completed development of search, traversal and effective inspection functions based on B-DAG algorithm in DAG structure.
    4. Completed coding of PoW and mining function.
    5. Completed coding for data structure network in sending/receiving data.
    6. Completed coding for data storage.
    7. Completed the verifiability of system data
    8. Completed Merkle hash of different nodes, quick data comparison and pulling block function.
    9. Completed coding of coordinator in DAG structure
  2. Optimize network communication
    1. Fixed the problem of repeated generation of private key
    2. Optimized dirty data processing
    3. Added upnp function and enhance penetration ability in P2P network
  3. Wallet function
    1. Improved on block countersigning and verification functions
    2. Added in automatic completion function in command line.
    3. Added function modules to write separate debugging instructions without coupling

Faucet Campaign Summary

Completed token distribution for all campaigns, summarized campaign data and share it with the community.

Campaign Statistics Overview:

The TOP 5 countries by total visits: Poland, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine

The TOP 5 countries by unique visits: Indonesia, Poland, Vietnam, the United States, Russia,

Non-mobile devices users accounted for 64.07% of total visits.

Non-mobile devices users accounted for 35.93% of total visits.

Page views (PV): 7.12 million

Unique visitors (UV): 179,000

IP: 193,000

Visits: 622,000


The SmartX community across Telegram, WeChat, QQ and Discord are growing. Currently we have over 5,000 members in total. We have also started to promote SmartX across multiple forums and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, BitcoinTalk and Medium.

About SmartX

SmartX is a decentralized, minable BlockDAG project with a “transaction-based DAG” structure which also supports PoW node mining. SmartX’s platform will allow Distributed Ledger Technology to be seamlessly adopted across a range of use cases such as private communication, in-game payments, coupons and reward points given by merchants.

For more SmartX updates please visit:

Website: https://smartx.one/


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